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Company Name Contact Member Type Phone Number State City
5 Star Construction, Inc. Walter S. Hailes Residential Builder (859) 781-6731 KY Ft. Thomas
Adam Miller Homes, LLC Adam Miller Residential Builder KY Erlanger
Al. Neyer, LLC Shad Sletto Commercial Builder (513) 527-1846 OH Cincinnati
American Heritage Construction & Development Christopher Buchert Residential Builder (513) 616-8874 KY Ft. Thomas
Arlinghaus Builders Bob Schroder Residential Builder (859) 392-8900 KY Edgewood
Ashley Builders Group Jason Yeager Residential Builder (859) 341-0050 KY Villa Hills
Ashley Commercial Group Commercial Builder (859) 341-0050 KY Edgewood
ATECK Corporation Kenny French Residential Builder (859) 567-7500 KY Warsaw
BOLD Company of Kentucky James Kegley Residential Builder (859) 657-6700 KY Florence
Beaumont Building Group Chris Cook Residential Builder (859) 556-1379 KY Florence
Bluegrass Commercial Group Brad Ramey Commercial Builder (859) 781-0999 x2 KY Ft Mitchell
Boden Builders David Boden Residential Builder (859) 635-1835 KY Butler
Brookstone Homes, Inc. Andy Jones Residential Builder (513) 340-7200 OH Cincinnati
Burks Builder, Inc., Tim Tim Burks Residential Builder (859) 781-3339 KY Ft. Thomas
Century Construction John Hodge Commercial Builder (859) 331-6626 KY Erlanger
Corbin Custom Remodelers Joe Hermann Residential Builder (859) 525-0756 KY Independence
Cullen Brothers, LLC Bill Cullen Residential Builder (859) 384-0217 KY Union
Cutter Construction, Inc. Jim Cutter Residential Builder (859) 781-6924 KY Cold Spring
Dawn Builder & Sons Inc., Steve Steve Dawn Residential Builder (859) 635-7679 KY California
Drees Company, The Residential Builder (859) 578-4200 KY Ft. Mitchell
Fischer Homes Beverly Turner Residential Builder (513) 295-4967 KY Erlanger
Furlong Building Enterprises, LLC Jude Hehman Commercial Builder (859) 647-2999 KY Ft Mitchell
Gerdes & Flesch Custom Homes, Inc. George Gerdes Residential Builder (859) 356-0011 KY Taylor Mill
Grosser & Company Remodeling Martin W. Grosser Residential Builder (859) 441-0012 KY Ft. Thomas
Gustin Construction, Inc. Gus McKinley Residential Builder (859) 331-0958 KY Ft Mitchell
Gustin Elite Gus McKinley Residential Builder (859) 331-0958 KY Ft Mitchell
Hemmer Company, Paul John Curtin Commercial Builder (859) 341-8300 KY Ft. Mitchell
Hermes Construction Co. Erik Hermes Commercial Builder (859) 781-7198 KY Florence
Homes by Gerbus, Inc. Walt Gerbus Residential Builder (513) 931-5256 OH Cincinnati
Ashford Homes, LLC Jack Rupp Residential Builder (513) 445-1800 OH Cincinnati
Kevin Hemmer Construction Kevin Hemmer Residential Builder (859) 342-9500 KY Crestview Hills
Kinder Construction LLC Dave Kinder Residential Builder (859) 356-5808 KY Walton
Kreutzjans Construction Co., LLC Ross Kreutzjans Residential Builder (859) 341-7720 KY Ft. Wright
Krumpelman Builders, Inc. Kevin Krumpelman Residential Builder (859) 341-3414 KY Villa Hills
Lunsford Custom Homes Rob Lunsford Residential Builder (859) 428-1699 KY Crittenden
Maronda Homes of Cincinnati Geoff Scholl Residential Builder 513-860-2300 x4 OH Cincinnati
Meierjohan Building Group, LLC Ralph Meierjohan Residential Builder (513) 662-3111 OH Cincinnati
Hightower Partners, LLC Residential Builder (859) KY Cold Sprimg
Trade 31 Bill Smith Commercial Builder (513) 618-2253 OH Cincinnati
Meraki Contractors Adam Marksberry Residential Builder (895) 496-6608 KY Walton
Phirman Enterprises, Inc. Ronald Phirman Residential Builder (859) 391-6342 KY Melbourne
Piccola Construction Inc. Bob Piccola Residential Builder (859) 491-8926 KY Bellevue
True North Design Build, LLc Robert Neuhaus Residential Builder (859) 628-8697 KY Ft Mitchell
Radius Construction Matthew Tobler Commercial Builder (859) 291-8812 KY Covington
Reynolds Builders, Inc., Tim Tim Reynolds Residential Builder (859) 781-6068 KY Ft. Thomas
S.L. Williams Homes, Inc. Robert Adams Residential Builder (859) 344-6410 KY Burlington
Schreiber Custom Builder, Tom Tom Schreiber Residential Builder (859) 525-6644 KY Florence
Schumacher Construction Management, Inc. Chris Heilmann Commercial Builder (513) 777-9800 OH West Chester
Showcase Remodeling Inc. Dennis Courter Residential Builder (859) 426-7666 KY Edgewood
Spaulding Construction Co., Mark Commercial Builder (859) 746-8403 KY Florence
Spille Builders, LLC Tom Spille Residential Builder (859) 655-5076 KY Florence
Spille Construction Inc., B.L. Tony Huser Commercial Builder 1 (859) 727-2800 KY Erlanger
Stegman Construction, Inc. Jim Stegman Residential Builder (859) 581-8080 KY Newport
Sutter Homes, Inc. Thomas J. Sutter Residential Builder (859) 586-7560 KY Hebron
Theiss Woodworking & Remodeling Jeff Theiss Residential Builder (859) 391-8074 KY Ft. Thomas
Toebben Builders, Inc. John Toebben Residential Builder (859) 331-1560 KY Crescent Springs
Fedders Construction, LLC Marianna Smith Commercial Builder (513) 898-9593 KY Newport
Woeste Builders, Inc. Earl Woeste Residential Builder (859) 635-5550 KY Alexandria
WRC, Inc. EARP Enterprises LLC. Susan Trumble Residential Builder (859) 393-0803 KY Walton
Wright Contracting Services, Inc. Julie Reno Commercial Builder (859) 344-0117 KY Florence
Zalla Homes, LLC Lara Gastright Residential Builder (859) 341-5523 KY Ft Mitchell

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